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Clement of Alexandria (died about 220) and Tertullian (died 220) were familiar with our four Gospels, frequently quoting and commenting on them.The last-named writer speaks also of the Old Latin version known to himself and to his readers, and by so doing carries us back beyond his time.

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It is indeed impossible, at the present day, to describe the precise manner in which out of the numerous works ascribed to some Apostle, or simply bearing the name of gospel, only four, two of which are not ascribed to Apostles, came to be considered as sacred and canonical.Hence, it may be inferred that they were prefixed to the evangelical narratives as early as the first part of that same century.That, however, they do not go back to the first century of the Christian era, or at least that they are not original, is a position generally held at the present day. did it become worth while for the Christian teacher or apologist to specify whether the given representation of the current tradition was 'according to' this or that special compiler, and to state his qualifications".The word, in the New Testament, has the specific meaning of "the good news of the kingdom" (cf. In that sense, which may be considered as primary from the Christian standpoint, denotes the good tidings of salvation announced to the world in connexion with Jesus Christ, and, in a more general way, the whole revelation of Redemption by Christ (cf.Matthew ; ; etc.; Mark ; ; ; Acts ; Romans 1:1, 9, 16; ; etc.).

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