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C., Ashoka inherited the throne and ruled this area as well as Gandhara. After the death of his father Bindusara around 272 B. The Mansehra rocks record fourteen of Ashoka's edicts, presenting aspects of the emperor's dharma or righteous law, and represent the earliest irrefutable evidence of writing in South Asia. Today, the Edicts of Ashoka inscribed on three large boulders near Bareri Hill serve as evidence of his rule there.The lower Hazara plain was a separate administrative region attached to the Chacch and Attock areas of Northern Punjab whereas most of upper Hazara was attached to the Durrani 'Subah' or governorship of Kashmir, with the exception of the Tanawal 'Ilaqa' or area, which paid liege homage or tribute in exchange for comparative independence.

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The name Hazara has also been derived from Urasā, or 'Urasha', an ancient Sanskrit name for this region, according to Aurel Stein. Its name means 'the hill of salvation' and on its summit is a Panduan da Sthan, or place of the Pandavas, where it is said they were visited and tempted by Apsaras who still frequent the place .

The local people consider him as a popular folk hero.

When a Chinese pilgrim, Hiun-Tsang, visited this area, it was under the control of Raja Durlabhavardhana, the ruler of Kashmir.

In 1399, the Muslim warrior Timur, on his return to Kabul, stationed his Turk soldiers (who belonged to a sub-tribe of Turks, called Karlugh Turks) in Hazara to protect the important route between Kabul and Kashmir.

By 1472, Prince Shahab-ud-Din came from Kabul and established his rule over the region.

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