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Or be infected with another strain she does not have, so that she may actually be the one taking the risk by sleeping with him. That means being tested and treated for those STD’s whose spread we can stem through screening and partner notification, being vaccinated against those we can prevent, using condoms and limiting our numbers of sexual partners.

It’s not a moral message, unless morality means acting responsibly and maturely, and respecting one’s own health and that of others.

He may actually have the infection right now and be the one who gave it to her. Which is why I don’t believe that every abnormal pap needs to turn into an STD confessional.

On the other hand, he may have had it in the past and already be immune to the strain of HPV she has. I do believe that all sexually active adults have an obligation to themselves and others to prevent the spread of HPV and other STD’s by practicing responsible sexual activity.

Anthea, who has been forced to reduce her hours to care for Zara, said: 'I have been a nurse for 30 years and I have never heard or seen anything like this before.'There are so many young girls now who are in the same position. There were around 3,200 new cases of cervical cancer in the UK in 2014 - around nine diagnoses every day, according to Cancer Research UK.

As with any vaccine, there is a very small chance of a severe allergic reaction with the HPV jab, according to the Vaccine Knowledge Project at the University of Oxford.

The European Medicines Agency statistics show that up to February 2017, 11,867 reactions to Gardasil have been recorded.

She suffered palpitations, felt dizzy, weak and tired, and was later diagnosed with Po TS - postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome - which makes her heart race. She said to me, "Mum, I would rather be dead than like this." She is 13 and she said, "I feel like somebody put me in an 80-year-old's body."' Eighteen months on, Zara, of Wigton, Cumbria, feels faint every time she stands, is unable to leave the house without a wheelchair and is home-schooled.

One of the most common questions I get from my patients who have had had an abnormal pap due to HPV infection is this – Are they obligated to notify their past, current, future or potential sexual partners that they have or have had HPV? Although we can offer treatment or removal for genital warts and precancerous pap smears, there is no medical treatment to clear the HPV virus itself in an infected individual without these conditions.

Ninety five percent of the time, that infection will clear within 1-2 years with no long-term consequences to themselves or their partners.

Because that’s what couples do – they talk about their lives, their health and their fears.

Which is very, very different from mandatory STD partner notification and treatment.

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