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While their spoofs of banal Australian culture are often lighthearted, they also arguably hinge on a well-worn paradigm: the parodying of an abstract persona inflected through a series of gestures, ideological resonances, and utterances, which we frequently describe as ‘bogan’.

I eventually had to call it quits on the crush and move onto fanging for Vegeta from when one of the posters — which featured Ricky slightly bent over, in position at the crease — needed to be thrown out.

Roger was a kind and goofy songwriter whose dog tricks him into falling in love. Her dad died soon after her spaceship crash-landed on Earth and she was forced to fend for herself while growing up on a deserted island.

He’s well-dressed and lanky and funny and artistic, and once I hit about 12 I started giggling in a much more suspicious and confused way. He would literally just fill space in time with pointless conversation with himself. Her only friend is a humpback whale called Charley. As the show goes on, we discover that Neri travelled to Earth for a very specific reason: to save our oceans from all the damage humans have done to them.

has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, to the extent that I’m still recovering from the fact that it’s splitsville for the gruesome twosome of former host and early housemate (and both current has-beens) Gretel Killeen and Saxon.

I had even been dead set on auditioning to be a housemate this year, before a vague hangover on the crucial day caused me to chicken out.

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