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The power and strength of a ley line, earth grid or vortex can only be determined on an individualistic basis by the physical body utilizing the spirit as the conductor and the mind as the translator. When a magnet attracts iron filings we can’t see the cause, but we can see the result and in turn know the energy exists.

Ley Lines transmit or receive energies around the globe…” Earth is a living being and many of these invisible dynamics that the Earth emits interact between a human being and the planet. Sometimes called telluric pathways, ley lines are often not easily recognized.

An electrical vortex is an energizing, activating location.

A magnetic vortex attracts energy much as a magnet attracts iron filings.

The ancients of each civilization knew the paths of the ley lines and how to amplify the already abundant energy.

Native cultures in the Americas called them the Spirit Path.

These scientific acknowledgments include: unexplainable biochemical changes that occur when a person is at one of these centers and the fact that the energy centers and paths are all heavily charged with negative ions, even in the most arid climate conditions.

They knew that Mother Earth supplied their physical needs, cured their ills and balanced their spirit.An earth energy vortex can be electrical, magnetic, or electromagnetic. A magnetic vortex doesn’t mean that the energy is literally a magnetic field, nor is an electrical vortex the carrier of electrical current.These names actually reflect the effect of the energy found at a specific vortex point.Every person relates and reacts differently to a different energy location and these personal reactions cannot be measured categorized by technology.In fact, to achieve the most accurate measurement we need to take a step backward and learn from our ancestors. We sense them intuitively and logically, even if we can’t see them.

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