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His statement came after allegations that her propositioned, fondled and pushed himself against five women in the early aughts while he was ABC News' political director.

She then launched into a powerful explanation of why these stories needed to be heard and examined, no matter how close to home they hit.

'We are at a pivotal moment in history where unacceptable harassing behavior towards women will no longer be swept under the rug,' explained the MSNBC host.

Mika Brzezinski made her commitment to discussing and examining cases of sexual harassment crystal clear on Friday, as she delivered a three-minute speech about Mark Halperin to close out the opening segment of 'Morning Joe.''Before we go to break, something I need say,' began Brzezinski.'Over the past 24 hours, there have been more disturbing details of Mark Halperin's treatment of younger, female co-workers.

The behavior in these reports allegedly occurred one to two decades ago, and now we're looking at it, we're talking about it.'Brzezinski went on to say that Mark and his partner of 15 years Karen Avrich 'have been a part of Morning Joe's extended family for years, they're our friends, and we believe it's important to stand with our friends through even the most difficult of times.'She then made it clear that the personal and professional would be kept separate moving forward however as she quickly added: 'But it's even more important to demand the truth.

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