Danny masterson and laura prepon dating

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They became even less fond of each other when Eric blackmailed her (for kissing the cheese guy), and Eric continued to dislike her.

They did have their moments, such as when Eric convinces Jackie she is right for Kelso (ironically, they break up soon after), and when he stands up to comfort her after she ends her relationship with Kelso.

Despite their extremely different personalities, Donna decides to play big sister to Jackie and often tries to look out for her when she feels Jackie is making a mistake, more often than not due to her lack of common sense.

Sometimes Jackie is the voice of reason for Donna, as evidenced in the Season 2 episode Kiss Of Death, the same episode in which Jackie realized that Kelso was cheating on her.

The two lost their virginity to each other after Kelso and his friends got out of jail for riding in a car that was mistaken for being stolen.Jackie is the self-absorbed, snobby, rich girl and girlfriend of Kelso, Hyde, and then Fez.She is introduced in the pilot episode primarily as Michael Kelso's girlfriend.She often is shown thwarting the affinity with others in the group due to her self-absorbed persona.While she can be very manipulating, she is shown to have her serious moments and be very kind.

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