Campus sex party

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4.) Bulldozers: Instead of complaining about construction, let’s put on our hard hats and wreck some balls. Use the bucket for missionary style or cab for cowgirl.

Wear a toolbelt of sex toys, like a dildo drill or screwdriver vibrator.

Photo/Nishtha G'18 Sending cards to family and friends, letting them know they’re remembered, is one of many holiday activities people indulge in.

With this in mind, the Elma Lewis Center for Civic Engagement, Learning, and Research and the Office of Violence Prevention and Response at Emerson College hosted a card-writing party to send holiday messages to incarcerated sex workers on Friday, December 15.

Students also need to learn some real skeet street knowledge.

When the urge hits you, go hit it at one of these places.5.) Cooper Library: Homework isn’t always the hardest thing in the library.After long study sessions, students need to blow off steam and release a little cream. For group sex, try the collaborative chairs on the second floor—hey, those screens provide more privacy than your car window.Students joined the letter writing party on Walker 10 optimistic that the recipients will feel the love that is being sent their way and that these letters would give them hope.“If I [were] in their position and I was receiving these cards, I would definitely feel that people out in the world care for me, acknowledge me and understand my struggle,” said Amanda Carvalho de Silva ‘20, a Communication Disorders student.

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