Battlefield bad company 2 stats not updating 2016

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Had a correct 15 round magazine in the Beta, but reverted to the incorrect 12-round mag for the full game (the same thing happens in Medal of Honor 2010's multiplayer, also from DICE).

As of the current R7 patch, its damage has been increased to reflect the in-game stat difference between it and the MP-443.

Magazine holds 40 rounds despite being modeled with the 20-round magazine.

It fires at 1000 rpm, faster than any other weapon in-game except the MG3.

The MP-443 Grach appears in the game and has a 17-round mag, the highest of all the pistols, as well as the second lowest damage, the M93R being the lowest.

In single player, this pistol is the only one available; Marlowe acquires one from Redford at the end of the mission "Upriver", and holds onto it for the rest of the game, while NSA Agent Aguire also carries one of his own.

Automatic Rifles are split between Carbines for the Engineer Class, and Assault Rifles for the Assault Class.

All the assault rifles are equipped with an under-slung grenade launcher, capable of firing standard grenades, or either smoke or canister flechette rounds. Fires the 9x39mm round, has a 20 round magazine and is equipped with a suppressor. Oddly, in the weapons info screen it has black plastic furniture, but in-game it has wood furniture.

The M1928 Thompson appears in the game and can be set to any class' primary slot once unlocked and is instantly unlocked for players who pre-ordered Battlefield: Bad Company 2.One way to explain the 12 round mag and higher damage than the 9mm MP-443 is DICE has instead dressed up a Beretta 96 as the M9.In addition the hammer is never shown cocked, even when fired, as if it were double-action only.The Colt M1911A1 is instantly unlocked for players who pre-ordered Battlefield: Bad Company 2.With its .45 calibre round, it has the second highest damage of the pistols, beaten only by the MP412 REX using .357 Magnum rounds. It is incorrectly portrayed as firing from an uncocked hammer (and it doesn't change at all, even the first round has been fired or the gun's slide has been pulled back while reloading), which is required for single-action pistols like the M1911A1.

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