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As a government-linked company, we are always emphasizing on the Malaysia brand by highlighting its beauty and heritage in our stamps” said Dato’ Syed Faisal Albar, Group Managing Director / CEO of Pos Malaysia.

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So, we don’t have to worry which one to be out first. Straight to USJ 11..the location of Sri Ayutthaya Restaurant in USJ.just located in residential area..may be not expected..hehehe..dont worry about the parking...I enjoy my dining experience here.was very spacious restaurant with a beautiful ambience according to their original style and culture of Thailand..service also good and the waiters/waitress are very attentive to you..don worry again.u are used to be first time here and dont know what the best menu to order.will help that suggested by them definitely not disappointing you...let's enjoy the foods with me..hahaa.i want to write more bout this but it seem don have enough time for me to blogging anymore....The issuance of the Traditional Wedding Costumes stamps collection will give collectors a chance to learn about the traditional costumes and highly value the beautiful and fine designs of Malaysian art reflected on the fabric such as the motives woven on the cloth as well as the intricate beadings and embroidery.This also reveals the richness of culture and art that Malaysia possesses.“The stamps and First Day Cover will be another collector’s item not to be missed as it is the first time for a collection of stamps to be issued in the traditional wedding theme.

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