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Simply because I am a centrist by nature, and my choices were vote for the liberals who were at the time still rife with their own scandal, the NDP who were to far from center for my liking and horribly misguided, the wild rose who were too far the other way when it came to matters of civil rights so I was left with really one choice.If the wildrose party wants to ever be elected then they are going to have to teach their members to be a little less homophobic and watch what they say.To be frank; I think they lost the last election due to their hate speech about gay rights.That's 100% why I didn't vote for them. their defeat I think they sort of learned their lesson the hardway.. that being said; I have seen the hatchet job the PC party has done in alberta first hand; AADL which provides funding for all amputee's in Alberta has been forced to adjust how they fund these programs that allow individuals to attain the prosthetic s they need to have a more normal was here in smallville that a “mild-mannered” boy learned the value of truth, justice, and the american way.kent, christopher, lane, antje, traue, lois, zurer, clark, ayelet, shannon, michael, laurence, fishburne, meloni, lara, hardy, lana, faora, lang, colonel, white, martha, jonathan, general, perry, diane, costner, zonsius, zoncom, superman, krypton, snyder, games, game, ball, pokemon, bubble, dress, bakugan, cooking, animal, action, shooting, math, cool, jerry, dragon, kids, boys, ninja, batman, zombie, adventure, diego, patlu, motu, soccer, bike, doraemon, mind, girls, puzzle, mario, super, funny, birds, pony, little, wallykazam, guppies, tickety, templemonkey town | bar & club | szene lokal in mödling | [email protected] | monkeytown ... allen nachtschwärmern wird hier ein vielfältiges unterhaltungsprogramm monkeytown-club sorgen jedes wochenende djs bis in die frühen morgenstunden für durchtanzte nächte.Can you believe this - we had these people in charge of billions ! fish (if your still around) I'm becoming less and less impressed with your hippy generation .... Dang boys she is probably depressed and going to all the shrinks that is paid for by the Alberta Tax Payer. Then she will collect a big severance pay and full pension.

while we offer collective decades of expertise, your opinions and your satisfaction take precedence.This program costs roughly over half a million a year, and it covers every single amputee and persons with a disability in the province so naturally it needed to be killed with fire because clearly it was costing too much.Now the process to attain new prosthetics has been made much more complicated and is now running much more inefficiently and costs the province more then it had previously while removing choice from the people who depend on it.Anyone see the posts on Facebook about Redford and her kid in Palm Springs?Not sure where this lies in the official reasons for being absent from the Legislature.

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