Back dating child benefit

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If you didn’t manage to submit an application from the date you were entitled we may be able to backdate your claim.Backdating your claim means we will start your claim from the date you were entitled instead of the date we received your application. Requesting for your claim to be backdated To request for you claim to be backdated you will need to submit the request in writing.Comments will be deleted if commenters leave a keyword instead of a name in the name field, if sites linked in the URL field are commercial in nature and not related to the blog, or if the comment simply doesn't add substance to the discussion.You should apply for housing benefit and / or council tax support as soon as you can.

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Working age customers are those under the qualifying age for State Pension Credit.This decision was appealed on the grounds that the Appellant derived a right of residence from her son, an Irish and of December 2006.The Appellant was subsequently successful in her applications for Rent Supplement and One Parent Family Payment and was awarded arrears of payments dating back to 2006 which amounted to approximately €16,000.provided representation to the Appellant and appeared before the Social Welfare Appeals Office on behalf of the Appellant in respect of an oral hearing.Given the complexity of the case which involved issues of , and therefore did satisfy the conditions, in particular, the habitual residence condition for receipt of child benefit.

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